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World Music

Fanny Starchild and the Mystiques - Liberté

Fanny Starchild and the Mystiques – Liberté

Starchild & the Mystiques

Performing artists Fanny Starchild and Vegari Cendar, together with the Mystiques, are proud to share their musical adventures, taking you on a voyage of discovery and peace with spirited originals, inspiring French /English lyrics and soulful gypsy harmonies in a magical combination of Calypso, Reggae, Pop African. They will move your hearts and souls with the rhythms of the earth.
Special thanks to Dean & Dudley Evenson and the Soundings family & Elfinlau Paradise for your love and guidance. And to all our friends & family who have played a part in our continuing evolution. Special thanks to the children for showing us the way. This is dedicated to all who cherish the gift of Freedom in every part of the World.




Produced by Vegari Cendar, John Alevizakis
Executive Producer: Starchild Entertainment
Recorded at Rhythm Lab Studio, White Rock B.C
Instrumental Arrangements : John Alevizakis & Vegari Cendar
Vocal Arrangements: Vegari Cendar
Mixed  by John Alevizakis
@ Little Buddha Studio, San Rafael, California
Mastered by: Paul Stubblebine, San Francisco.
Graphic Design Bob Paltrow/
Photography/ Thesa Pakarnyk
All songs composed and written by
Vegari Cendar & Fanny Starchild
Co-Writer #6 H’Om / Lise Paquette
All Songs -Socan – Canada/  2012

You can find LIBERTÉ by Starchild and the Mystiques
at these online retail locations:

Starchild and the Mystiques - Liberté in English Liberté on iTunes / ENGLISH Version / by Starchild and the Mystiques
Starchild and the Mystiques - Liberté in English Liberté on iTunes / FRENCH Version / by Starchild and the Mystiques
 Liberté by Starchild and the Mystiques on ReverbNation Liberté on ReverbNation / by Starchild and the Mystiques
Liberté by Starchild and the Mysticques on CD Baby Liberté on CD Baby / by Starchild and the Mystiques
Fanny Starchild and Vegari Cendar

Fanny Starchild and Vegari Cendar

Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Fanny Starchild is a prolific composer who has an exquisite voice with exceptional range. Starchild is also an internationally-recognized clown, a ‘master of fun’ combining her musical and theatrical talents. Whether playing the guitar, keyboards, talking drum or Jethro Tull-style flute, she fills her enchanted audience with serenity and love.

Singer/songwriter Vegari Cendar, originally from the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia, is a gifted composer and arranger. He adds a magic touch with his warm smooth vocals, bass guitar, and percussion. Vegari has showcased his joyful energy throughout North America and Europe, especially as bass player for Juno Award winning African artist Alpha YaYa Diallo.

Ron Stelting plays drum kit and all kinds of exotic percussions and has accompanied Fanny and Vegari at many events and festivals over the years including the 2010 Winter Olympics. A gifted instructor and workshop leader, he is on the Faculty of Simon Fraser University as a dance accompanist and has collaborated with many well-known Modern Jazz and Ballet teachers throughout North America.

Fanny Starchild and the Mystiques - Band Photo

Fanny Starchild and the Mystiques

Randy Schultz – With a background in the Blues, singer/guitarist Randy has a passion for “roots” music, particularly the Cajun and Creole cultures of South-West Louisiana. Touring with such artists as Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys has led him to a deepening of knowledge about the music and people of that area. He now brings his unique gifts to the Mystiques and contributes to the positive elements that music can bring out in everyone.

Victor Smith is a gifted Celtic music interpreter respected for decades of outstanding work with many Vancouver folk groups. His instrumental arsenal includes accordion, whistles, violin, flutes, guitar, keybord, bohdran drum and bones. He has played with Starchild and the mystiques for many years adding sweet harmonies and cool rhythms to the ensemble.

Internationally Renowned recording artists Fanny Starchild and Vegari Cendar are a warm and charismatic duo combining music, movement and heart to bring your PARTY, DANCE or CEREMONY to a peak of joy and celebration! Their repetoire covers a vast range, from spirited & soulful originals, to cover tunes by all the major artists & genres including pop, reggae, calypso, dance beat, rock and R&B.

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