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Cirque Parade

It’s A Musical Costumed Hourly Circus Parade!
These International Performing Artists will guide YOU to become the Circus!

A multicolored Starchild Tent becomes the center piece for your festival site.
Groups of 30 can sit inside and enjoy story telling, sing-along in English and French ….Then a series of rainbow capes, howly birds, hopping critters,

hoopla & hulu costumes and giant masks, fitting ages 3 to 103, are ready to use for all to sport.

THEN …Starchild gets you going and  —
Vegari adds shakers, rattles & bells and leads you into a rocking rhythm parade!

The Cirque Parade is a musical line of colours winding through your festival site! Starchild and Company are dynamic and gifted performing artists who combine music, comedy movement and heart to create an atmosphere of joy, laughter and celebration!

Cirque Parade is designed to meet your special needs!

Site size: 15m x 6m (50 ft. x 20 ft.) • Length of event: Each group 30 minutes • Personnel required: 2-3 volunteers
Rental fee Cost: $1200 per day (negotiable ) • Travel extra…

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